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Vinyl is essential to a good life.


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Just got all my albums in one place. Some were in my office, some in storage, some in the living room. All in the family room with the good stereo now. Just over 400 left. I eliminated about 200 a couple years ago. Not for content but for condition. No sense keeping worn out or damaged ones. 

If I can listen to 4 a day I will go through all of them by the end of summer. Probably several more can be thinned out. 

Good way to spend a Friday night. I know! But it’s going to snow and rain tomorrow. I’m taking the day off so it’s Friday. 

It just kills me realizing how many are missing.  Throw a party, play some records, cute girl asks my buddies if they can borrow one. Horn dogs says sure. Poof! Another one gone. 

You know how many times I’ve bought The White Album?


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I have a large collection of around 300 vinyl records as well, including many in monaural.

It is a rather eclectic collection of contemporary rock and roll from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, a lot of jazz from the same period and much classical music.

I used to go to library sales and in addition to buying their old science books, I also purchased whatever classical records they were selling if they were in good condition.

I was anal about record care: I never let one fall onto another on a multi-play record player and I always dusted them before play.

They only album ever bought twice was Layla and Other Love Songs.

I wore two of them out playing them over and over trying to duplicate Eric's and Duane's licks.


NB my first record ever was  a 45 RPM Ballad of Wyatt Earp, theme from the television series..

My sister's first record was Running Bear.  She played the grooves off of it.  I can still hear it 65 years later.  :biggrin:



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Years ago I wore out BENNY GOODMAN CARNEGIE HALL 1938 Vinyls, paid a fortune for a new set...then a few years later they issued them on CD :shoot-me:

Since we moved I have not set up the "Stereo"   100 or so 33's, 700 CD's  and about 1000 cassettes...  :shoot-me: X2

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