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A meeting for kids


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And just how do these vicious LGBT activists, you know, the around 7% of the population, think this will end up if they insist on trying to recruit and groom America's children?

At some point, likely soon, the rest of us will say, That's enough and we'll mean it.

Note that I didn't include the Q+.  I have o no idea what that means and I have little interest in finding out.

Kiss, hug, sleep with who you want, but stay away from the children.  :shakefist:

They're not yours.

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Imagine if you replaced perversion activist with Catholic priest or Baptist minister.

Or an NRA instructor.

The hippie Marxists would be burning down churches and cities.


NB to mention that the hippie Marxists are hypocritical is like saying that the Sun rises in the east -- every morning.

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