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The New Normal Is The Exact Opposite Of Safe & Effective As Athletes Keep Dropping Like Flies


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Big Pharma really doesn't want you to know about this...

"A new video compilation was recently released that compiles a myriad of news reports and headlines touching on the mysterious uptick in occurrences of athletes who are suddenly collapsing while playing their respective sports – with some of them dying via cardiac arrest.

With the alarming rate of these incidents transpiring all over the world, the official narrative always seems to be that it’s “unclear” or “uncertain” why these athletes are falling out – but other theories floating about are pointing to the COVID shots.

Earlier in April, we at Red Voice Media shared a report that, at the time, had cataloged 833 instances worldwide of athletes who’d suffered cardiac arrest events after having received their COVID shots – with a reported 540 athletes dying from cardiac arrest as well."




"The number of soccer players who had died in December of 2021 via cardiovascular issues was equal to roughly the average annual number of soccer player deaths over the past 12 years."

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"Normalizing" Vaxx complications is going to be a thing. Children getting cardiac problems and pericarditis is such a rare event, it "Never happens". Not any more.

Miscarriages up how many hundred percent? Canacer outbreaks? AIDS? A host of rare and obscure diseases. Yea they are trying to convince you this is "normal".

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Normal is the pharmaceutical companies and their  paid professional liars masquerading as public servants lining their pockets and asserting control to an excess never imagined.

Why should they care who suffers?

They never forget that there are more than a billion people around the world they can replace us with.

We're dumb enough to do their bidding, we don't deserve any consideration or mercy.

The only thing that the despots and oligarchs fear is that one day people will look up from their damned devices grafted onto their hand by yet another fascist power and say, No more.


Consider the people locked into their apartments in China and are starving, watching their families starve.

Who do you think there are more of?  Obedient, suffering citizens or those that enforce their doom?

What if the residents of the city just said, No more? and came out of their prisons.

Sadly, like people in this country, the people of China will shut up and obey as their so-called leaders are killing them


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