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NYC Subway shooting


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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced last fall that it had put security cameras in all 472 subway stations citywide, saying they would put criminals on an “express track to justice.” But Mayor Eric Adams told WCBS that there was     "some form of malfunction with the camera system"   at the subway station. It's unclear whether only one camera was not working or all of them, he said.



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If I was betting...

Since he came from New Mexico and was on a watchlist there in 2019 I'm going to go with illegal immigrant. 

Several interviews by the actively bad FBI, then left alone.

If it was a white guy they would have told us that already.

They know who he is, they have his picture. 

They want to catch him and keep all of it as quiet as possible because it makes democrats look really bad.

Don't want the publics help, don't want to public to know nothing.

Anyway, if I was betting...


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29 minutes ago, pipedreams said:

I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that there is a mass shooting in NY the day after Biden announced new gun initiatives and nominated a new ATF Director. Complete coincidence.

Note well that the supposedly moderate mayor added no information, did not encourage his citizens, but did have time to yet again demand more gun laws -- in the most firearm-restricted city in the country.

Not a demand for more and restrictive bail, more arrests of criminals, more prosecutions.

More gun laws.

Restrict the object, not the criminal  not behavior.

Also note that the crime occurred in what was reported as a predominantly Asian (they mean Oriental; India is in Asia; portions of Russia are in Asia) thus, they can pump new life into the myth that attacks on Asians (Orientals)  by white supremacists is at an all-time high and rising!

Damn those white people.



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No transit cops on the platforms because they might get shoved onto the tracks,

no cameras in the subways because they focus on black criminals,

and besides, criminals wear masks now. New normal.

Elect a black former transit cop mayor and you get even less law and order.

Did this happen in OAC's congressional district?

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Tut, tut, my good man.

There are no black, uh, Negro, uh, people of color, er, African-Americans committing crimes.

They are simply former slaves collecting their rightful reparations from the white supremacists.

Or misguided youth that didn't get enough hugs as children.

Note that New York City now has an African,  female police commissioner.

Yeah, that'll reduce crime.  :upeyes:


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