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Texas Clogs Ports of Entry as State Forces Attention on Illegal Immigration


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More than 8,000 violations issued as Texas forces long delays at Mexican border: ‘A Mexican standoff’

"The DPS inspections are occurring on state roads just beyond the ports of entry, which backs-up the line into Mexico.

By end of day April 9, DPS had inspected 2,390 commercial vehicles, of which 552 were placed out of service “for serious safety violations to include defective brakes, defective tires and defective lighting,” according to Lt. Christopher Olivarez, DPS spokesman for south Texas.

“Also 73 commercial vehicle drivers were placed out of service. The total number of violations detected thus far is 8,244.”

DPS hasn’t said how long it intends to continue with the inspections. Mexico is Texas’s top trading partner with $88.5 billion worth of goods flowing both ways across the Texas–Mexico border annually, according to Global Edge.

“It’s kind of like a Mexican standoff,” said Todd Bensman, national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt but that it’s causing pain. And it’s going to cause more pain. So, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen,” Bensman told The Epoch Times.

He suggests three possible outcomes. One, Abbott will relent and stop the inspections; two, the Biden administration will sue the Texas government to stop the inspections; or three, Mexico will decide to enforce its own borders from illegal immigrants, much like when it took action in 2019 when Trump threatened to impose tariffs."


"“One way or another, if [Texas] keeps this going for another week, the presidents of both of these countries will have no choice but to get involved.”"

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