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Virginia: Loudoun County Supervisors Want Control of Law Enforcement


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"Loudoun County, Virginia’s far-left Board of Supervisors is pushing to strip the local sheriff’s office of most of its law enforcement duties and transition the county to a police department, which would be beholden to politicians rather than the people and the Constitution.

The plan to transition the county’s law enforcement duties from a constitutionally elected sheriff and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to a new, hypothetical county police department actually spun out of the left’s anti-police fervor of 2020. At the time, while other municipalities were looking for ways to defund law enforcement, Loudoun County’s far-left board of supervisors was looking for a way to control law enforcement.

By establishing a police department, the County Administrator and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, which alongside the school board has become dominated by left-wing Democrats, would gain direct oversight and control of most law enforcement duties. A police chief, who would be chosen by local politicians as opposed to local voters, would report directly to board members and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office would be largely resigned to the courts and the jails."


"“This isn’t about service,” Loudoun County Sheriff Chapman told local media. “It isn’t about citizens. This is just about having power over a police chief rather than having a sheriff that answers directly to the citizens we serve.”"

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