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Opposition To Starting WWIII Doesn’t Make You Pro-Putin, It Just Means You’re Sane


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"It’s obvious and shouldn’t need saying, but the distortion of common sense by manipulative media means not enough people are hearing it.

A conglomerate of American institutions wants you to believe the only two camps of this fight are those working to drag the United States into another foreign war and those who love the Kremlin. As always, you should be asking yourself why."


"It’s an obvious statement that shouldn’t need saying, but the willful distortion of common sense by manipulative media means not enough people are hearing it: Wanting to avoid World War III doesn’t mean you’re a Putin-lover, it just means you’re sane.

Sane people with any knowledge of world affairs aren’t saying that Putin is a great guy, that bombing civilians is totally fine, or that we should all go cheer the red army.

What they are saying is that communist China currently presents a far greater threat to American dominance on the global scale than Russia does and that tying ourselves up in a prolonged conflict in Europe is a bad idea that gives China free reign."

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