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lost a friend last week from covid. looked like he would make it, but then his lungs started coming apart . he was 63 need help with gun


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dint know him well  but considered a friend , his wife and mine are friends . 

well he has a smith and wesson 357 . im not wheel gun person so i thought id ask . she asked me because i wouldnt cheater her , seem pos neighbor offered her 300 bucks.  taking 

advantage of people is big high blood pressure mark for me /


so i told her id post in my gun forum to get honest price . i dunno bout shipping,  i explained to her bout ffl  etc and guns scare her . 


here are pics she sent me . what its worth ???? if anyone close in nc i could meet or buy and ship for her .

275453156_258316586504862_6639454843798074844_n (1).jpg





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Is that a pre-lock 686? Shoot, I don't even want it and I'd happily pay twice that offer for it. But that's still probably low by a few hundred. And when I say I don't even want it, I only meant I'm not in the market for one. I'd sure love to have one though.

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That’s a pre-Hillary Hole 686. Can’t tell which revision  it is without seeing a photo of where the model number is marked on cylinder crane.  It should say 686 or 686-something.  

The lower the revision number or no revision at all, the more the gun is worth to a collector.  

as it looks right now a shop might try to sell it at $800-900. That means they’ll try to buy it for $300-400, so the guy who offered $300 isn’t that far off.  

My guess is that revolver is a late 1980s or 1990s gun due to the target style wooden grip, the polishing finish style of the steel and the SW markings.  If I were to buy it, I probably wouldn’t pay more than $450 assuming that the gun is mechanically fine.  

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My Condolences on Your Friend may He Rest in Peace.

God Bless Him,

right now it is Worth whatever someone is willing to pay, i had a Guy offer me $800 cash Sight unseen for my old Model 19 Combat that has been my Bump in the Night Gun for Decades.

The Market is Insane now.

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