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Postcard From 1969

Mrs Glockrunner

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In 1959 and friend of mine from Radford, West VA and I decided to hitchhike for the weekend.  We were in Navy Whites.  We each had a bottle and planned to drink till they were half gone and then hike back to the base,

We no more got on the road and were picked up by a person.  We caught rides every time we were let off.  Sunday AM we were invited to Sunday dinner at one of our rides house.  We had a great time talking and laughing.  I was from Minnesota so I was a curiosity along with Minnesota weather.  We sent to Winston Salem N.C. and back home to Charleston.

I have never met such nice kind people.  People are great if you give them a chance.

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In 1980, my college roommate (a Japanese transfer student) was staying in S.F.  I went there to go see a Star wars movie with him.  As I parked, I hopped the curb and stalled the car.  I was so flustered that I forgot that my keys were still in the ignition, locked my car and went and got my friend.  It was right in front of a locksmith's shop and when we asked them to help, the man pointed at a sign on the wall that displayed the Union's minimum charge (which was more than all the cash we had on us).  We got a coat hanger and we were struggling to trip the door locks when I noticed this little old blue collar looking Italian American guy watching us from the adjacent alley.  When we made eye contact, he held up his hand with the pointer finger extended as though to say. "Wait a minute."  He reappeared with a slim Jim and popped the door open on his first try.  When I offered him my movie and popcorn money, he waved his hand again, adding, "That's okay, I'm an off duty locksmith."

When I eyeballed the locksmith shop and the alley in one panoramic swoop, I realized he had come out of the back door of the shop.  :headscratch:

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