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Democrat leadership has devalued America beyond recognition


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"Once upon a time, long ago when I was young and the Cold War had us practicing duck and cover at school, we Americans were sure we held the high ground, and our free-market economy and thriving society demonstrated moral superiority over communism. The Russians—Soviets, then—had thuggish leaders who pounded their shoes on the table, unwieldy 5-year plans, empty store shelves, and a poor and downtrodden populace, collectivized and profoundly unmotivated. They were not allowed ownership or pride of accomplishment, existing under the thumb of an ever-richer dictatorial leadership they reviled.

We, on the other hand, had our free society—freedom of speech, an open invitation to better ourselves through hard work and personal achievement, and a system of law and order that was based on fairness, not who greased the most palms or gaslighted the most.

7_74_19.gifTimes have certainly changed."


"The world watched us taking our own people as political prisoners, locking them in the dungeon, and throwing away the key. They saw that happen after watching our cities violently burn, with those perpetrators suffering no consequences. Slowly, we’ve shifted from being viewed by the world as the arrogant paragon of a virtuous life, to simply arrogant fools."

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