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McDonalds No Meal Deal with Russia


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It's being reported that McDonalds is closing all their Russian locations.

My first thought is that must have raised the life expectancy over there by three years. They are announcing this counter-attack to retaliate for Russia invading Ukraine.

I guess they want everyone to think they have heart because they are still going to pay all the Russian employees, Ronald’s charities will still operate, and the Russian Army can still use the Play Places for training.

This is the most insane stuff I've ever seen, all coming from the "smart" people.

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When I started this thread I was going to make a prediction, but then decided not to at the last minute.

If I had I would have been right in my prediction. This is not bragging, really, predicting that Russia would not just roll over and wave goodbye to all these silly corporations was an easy call, that's why I decided not to bother typing it out.

Virtue signaling has a price. Stockholders are going to have to start demanding that companies hire smarter people.



The planes issue is more directly the fault of our blunderer in chief and his giggling bimbo.



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