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I am trying to buy another gun, it was not a very popular model so I posted LOOKING TO BUY on "The other M/B"

Unbelievable the number of moronic s**t heads trying to pull a scam

6 so far all using the same pictures and copied info and wanting me to send them money by :Friends and Family: or some such method 

that has no "guarantee" or "reversal" feature 

I wish I had some old checks from long closed out checking accounts to send them :anim_rofl2:

Does anyone fall for this crap


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UNBELIEVABLE  I just got another one  Same blurb and pics ?

I told him to send it to me :anim_rofl2:

Let's see how far I can play this SFB moron

I LOVE being retired and having the time to jerk these swamp dwellers around

:eric:    KMA

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I buy and sell a lot on a local classified ad site run by a local newspaper. The big one there is  they want to send verification codes. On one end of the scale it just gives them access to on line accounts to sell sex and drugs. The other end is vicious. They can take over your entire identity. 

The site warns people to NEVER responded to anyone wanting a verification code. People still fall for it. 

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