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new batman sucks semi spoilers


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i got ways to watch theatre movies,  its 3 hours of whatt the FFFF is going on . and how they picked the guy for batman ygm i watch little over hour . cat woman bleh , riddler lol  you just have to watch  

sitting in bed waiting  waiting     nope bunch of crap .  i did like the plan jane bat suit . 


the story line predictable , but decent.  afew  backtracks but still a D-      THERE IS NO ACTION IN THIS MOVIE. NONE .


and how can batman wear a suit he can get shot thru ??   this move is gonnna stall alot of job ... best  actor   John TUTTURO  bar none .  and when he jump off build and his squirrel flying suit opens i gotta roll my eyes

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A coworker told me it sucked the other day. Granted, he has a low opinion of most things. But he did say the only action in the movie is basically what is in the trailer. The rest is the twilight vampire sulking around in makeup.

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To be completely honest, I have not been impressed by any of the Batman movies and have no plans to pay to see another one.

I did like Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight, but the movie itself was nothing to brag about.

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