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anyone doing those magnet drags in creeks


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saw where one dude pulled up illegal ar 15 s and ammo .  i think i read it right.

i got perfect spots between and duplin county  , next time visit family gonn have to try  it , from my house to the cosst have the most bridged creeks and rivers then anywhere.  every mine you go over one

but i know if i get hung up i cutting that rope and starting over , ive seen more watercoppermoccsins ive seen in long time, hell me and cousin was going fishing and gator grabbing  , that morning we flip over john boat and like came out   its omething   to seea fat relative run . i had the old 20 gauge my pappy gave me  .didnt cat nuttin , hook nuttin or see nothing , i reckon something swatchy  was around  

i seen one kid pull up a security box  ofcurse all papers were ruined but had some coins in it .  and for a kid that the lottery , well when i was  kid ,  now parent gives a kid 100 bucks to buy a game and leave her alone


im going up to charlie daniels homeplace just asking if i can ,  if not its cool he grew up bout 12 miles from us

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