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car rant , big rant


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ok when i was17  my dad always s aid i  pick the best cars , for gas , little speed nice .  soi told dad get 87 grand national  its a buick . lol  tricked him . man that car was quick. still got original window sticker .

and i will never forget test driving that gnx they had , 43,000 i beeged an pleaded its gonna be collector by both keep mile odd gnx.  gnx prices now  ??? 220 to 250 thousand dollar .for a buick , 

if he was alive right now id kick him in the dick .  so they also had t type model . same motor different interior etc  i just they look cheesy without the turbo 6 seats , turbo model was 15 ,ooo  i said hell 

im leaving this dealership and i will stay right here or in the waffle house until you get gn .  so he bought it everyone was happy.  til one night crestin a hill in 93 old lady didnt stop at sign  and i knew the angle i would have killed her . so i quickly swerved to go around her hoping no car coming . nope  head at 80 no airbags knocked her honda bout 100 feet back , she spent in hospital   , i had 4 crack ribbed bruised pelvis concusssion and brok pinky toe .  do know , but as soon as i saw headlight i reclined the seat flat fast, tropper said if i hadnt my face and neck would have broke. 

i alway said im buying nother one to cruise in  the gn is just vader all day long .  good condition ,garaged  low mile .. i show up yep i take   my guy was there with trailer to load ,dude started him hawing ,we

southeners know what him hawing is . the week we shook hands , the take trailer.  basically big upset out of 500 bucks gas hotel  ,  he said he had someone offer him 20 more i said go for . i also told him close up  im watch sales site for grand nationals and if i see it you  will have bad day.

i think its a game people play . like a set of friends who can screw the most gets key to the clubhouse in the woods with the wendego head above fire plac



but i will get one if you can read my jibberish good , if ya cant move on  . ive had pms all week


oh i was able to get out and sit down the woman who pulled out tried to leave scene saying what happened . she got bust , we got more money then gn was worth , never forget test driving cars when you could alone lol   i skintz and barked 4 gear  then my dream was gone


i got life insurance on wife  i took out 2o year ago. she kicks before me well im jus saying lol










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