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On 3/4/2022 at 7:16 AM, Mrs Glockrunner said:


The other day at Costco, my wife was like a kid in a candy store picking up and checking everything she saw. 

I was aware of a couple of middle-aged women near us, so I told my wife that if she didn't catch up with the group, I was going to have her wear "that necklace I bought her from Greece.  The one with the steel ring on it.  Then I would hook her up to the 5-foot light gold chain I bought for it and make sure she stayed close to me while shopping.

I was quite surprised that those women all blushed and had a nervous giggles at what I said.  I didn't realize that many women knew of a slave collar.

Now.  I did say all this in jest and my wife knew it!  She pouted and said, "Yes, Master!".  

I really did buy her a Greek Slave Collar and chain.  She has never worn it but it's a "fun conversation piece".

My wife is so much damn fun in public!!!!!!!

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