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A carrousel of sorts


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I taught my son most of what he knows about firearms, starting when he was 15. After seven (7) years in a relationship and living together  with his girlfriend, he asked me for a pistol.

The first one that came to mind  was a Ruger EC9s. Immediately he rejected it. Bad fit. Then we tried the PPS M2 that I purchased through here from fellow member Bish1309. He shot it accurately. I had previously installed a Hogue beavertail but later on he commented that the finger groove felt uncomfortable. So next time out, I showed him a Beretta 81 for which I had replaced the stock grip with a Pachmayr rubber. It fit him perfectly. Also shot it accurately. I get back the PPS, he keeps the 81. 

Today I showed him my P365 (born November 2021-possessed December 2021) with Hogue beavertail. He did not complain about the finger groove and it fit his hand  quite nicely. Next time out we'll see how he handles it and if it does well, swap again.

I'm having trouble deciding, should it fit him well and handles it with accuracy, if I should buy another P365. I really like the darn little thing. If I do, I'm almost certain that I'll convert it to a 9x18 U/P/S chambering now that the .380 is out. Preeminently for old times' sake. It should be able to go, on a  trimmed .38 Super Comp case with 90 gr. XTP bullet anywhere from 1,200-1,300 fps. Pending final calculations. With felt recoil like .32.


If I do convert it, I'm recalcitrant of even showing it to him....

Nah. He's my son.


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I knew he was ready at 15 when he confided in me something he had done.

He was at the local library, a known gathering place for his friends, and by that time was already a black belt, taught by a former Ranger. A friend of his (who happened to be gay)  knew that and when he had to leave he asked my son if he could accompany and walk him to his house, not far away,  because some there had bullied him like it usually happens in those situations.

Sure enough, my son did and no one bothered them. It seems that the pricks knew it too.

At that moment when he told me the story, I knew he was ready. I suggested to him that if such a situation or a similar situation arose again, that perhaps it would be better if he called me so that then we would all  go to his friend's house. He agreed.

He's ready to be taught and initiated in Rosicrucian lore (AMORC), has been for some time now. But he hasn't still decided to go for it. He's a natural for it. Strong inherent intuition.



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38 minutes ago, Swampfox762 said:

What Art is your son a Black belt in?  If he was taught by a Ranger, It's probably not one of the traditional arts...which is certainly ok.

Funny you should ask that. You are the second person to ask me that. During one of my trips to DC, I happened by a martial arts shop in Arlington and I decided to get something for him. I always made it a point that during any of my trips I would bring my immediate family something. Even if it was from the airport. After that fellow asked if he could help me and inquired for what school, I explained my reason for being there and I couldn't give him a straight answer. I didn't know. See, I only knew him as Sensei _______  (Sensei is a bit of a giveaway-Japanese). His son and mine were classmates at a very young age and that's how it started. "Eclectic", I would define it, like I was taught. Yes, certainly OK.

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