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Ukraine Says ‘Destabilization’ Fueled by Biden Admin Hysteria, Not Russia


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"Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov told reporters on Tuesday that Kyiv considers – and intelligence reports from the West agree – that “internal destabilization” caused by panic over a potential further Russian invasion is “the number one issue,” not any potential invasion."



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The demented fool and his president of Vice are desperate to try to cover his total failure and complete idiocy as a President by creating a crisis and pretended to be hard dealing and firm. 

What Biden actually did was to ice the cake made from his dementia and utter stupidity, in wrecking our country's economy and financial stability. 

He is so out of his league as a leader that he and the Vice cannot string complete coherent sentences together. 

Without the press to prop him up and make excuses for him and his administration, he would be/is the laughingstock of the world. 

This is our fate as a nation being run by liberals/Democrats.

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