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Dad tells toddler to shoot the cops.


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13 minutes ago, Maser said:

I don't click fake news sites, but already heard of this story and heard so far there's no evidence the kid was told by the father to shoot and that's it's just the cop's speculation. 

Well, if you won't read the story I guess your opinion about it could be described as uninformed.

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4 hours ago, ChuteTheMall said:

I'm sure you have a good reason to be ashamed of your unidentified source..


I'd be more ashamed to get my news from CNN or FOX.  I swear I feel like I'm always in the minority when I speak out against biased news outlets. 

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47 minutes ago, ChuteTheMall said:

And you always will be, as long as you haven't got the guts to name a better source.


It's got nothing to do with being gutless.  There is a process I have to go through.  First I have to actually hear about the story.  Most of the stories I hear about aren't interesting enough to me so I ignore it.  Now if the story does interest me like this one did, then we can move onto the next step which is simply me looking for holes in the stories from those who told me about it.  Finally, here is the final step which is the most annoying and most controversial (apparently).  I go over to 4Chan and Twitter and painstakingly search for the independent unbiased journalist who will report the actual story without any narrative added.  What makes this step so annoying is 4Chan moves incredibly fast and Twitter hates any news that doesn't have a Left-wing narrative so the said journalists I speak of post their reports and then delete them very quickly, so if you miss it you miss it for good. 

Now you get why I can't just post a link to the exact source I'm looking at?  I think I might make a thread about fake news later tonight to better illustrate my views a little better.

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