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The MSM Still Can't Get A Handle On Durham


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The Main Talking Point For Now Is Avoidance: "That's Not What He Said!"

"Despite the fact he’s only issued 2 indictments since last September, Durham keeps the heat turned up on the Spygate scandal in his own artful way.

That in itself wasn’t too bad. One political campaign using the media to spread a false narrative attacking the rival campaign in the race for President? Politics is a dirty business, and this kind of stuff has always gone on. Had the Clinton campaign and it’s operatives stopped there, they’d have been far better off.

But they didn’t stop there.

Hillary Clinton decided to have these political operatives in her employ also approach at least two federal agencies with these fake Trump/Russia hoaxes they had concocted, with the goal being to see if the FBI and the CIA would take the hoaxes from them and target Trump’s campaign for investigations."



Gotta love this part.........

"Durham’s message is clear: “I’ve only charged you with the smallest federal offense we both know you committed. You know there’s other far more serious charges I can drop on you. And I have the evidence and you know I’ll make it stick. Whether I drop those additional charges on you or not depends on how happy you make me. So please. Think hard about cooperating. Have a nice day.”"

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"This is why the Fake News is in a panic right now over the Durham filing, either completely ignoring it, or claiming it doesn't say what it says or alleging that Durham is a wild hairy-assed Trump attack dog and conspiracy theorist. They don’t have any good options.

They know what happened. And they do **not** want to talk about it."


"A private citizen paid a private federal contractor to be her private political operative as he spied on the Executive Office of the President. That is what the Durham filing says. There was no court involved. No legal warrant was issued. You realize what this means? It means a political campaign continued it’s dirty trick operation after it’s rival won the election and assumed office. And this dirty trick campaign involved spying on a sitting President in the White House. Whatever else some may call it, I’ll call it what it is: a massive national security breach.

When you spy on the Executive Office of the President and surreptitiously collect data to hand off to political partisans looking to sabotage a new administration, you are not just spying on the President in the Oval Office.

Far from it.

You are also spying on and collecting data from all of these people:"


"When you engage in an orchestrated campaign to sabotage a sitting President of the United States using what you knew was a hoax engineered by his opponent in the race, you are in fact engaged in a conspiracy against the United States. "

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there is a big difference between being Blind and wearing Blinders.

CNN is Losing Viewers and Hosts, MSdnc has lost Hosts and has no Viewers.

Fox is picking up those Viewers, Newsmax is nearly matching Fox in Viewership.

Newspaper Circulation drops Monthly and No one watches Network News.

you may Notice that all the Talking heads that Touted the 'Russia Collusion' Nonsense no longer have a Platform, they are going or gone.

The Durham Report and Findings aren't over, its in the Rat Hunting Stages and it is working...

The Minority of Media are the Ones not Reporting on it, they can Run But the cant Hide from this.

this is stage setting for `22 investigations,


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