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riser mounts, mounts with tall (2") mounts and /or recommendations


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I am beginning to see a trend towards discarding the cheek weld aim/optic as close to bore center as possible theory when mounting an optic to an AR. The obvious advantage is it puts you in a heads up position behind the gun. You no longer have to fit your body to the gun, you have fit the gun to your body. I am researching how I can go about making the adaption happen without spending more than the cost of the optic.

What I own is 3 ARs and a Scorpian. The cheapest way to do this is to buy a riser to attach to the rail and then mount the optic on top of it. I have 3 reddot and a lpvo. I have a set of Swampfox 1.93 rings in the mail for the lpvo and I might get a 1" riser and go that way or I might just stick with the scope mount I have and attach to the 1" riser. The others all came with a low or high mount. they will attach to a riser but not so clean of a look.

Scalarworks does some nice mounts, very pricey and unsure if it fits anything I own. The more I look at the whole situation, riser that might look a little erector set like is the only thing that works.

I first saw this trend from a youtube group that I can see is on the cutting edge of trend. They do short 3-6 minute videos on a variety of topics on the finer points of training and operating AR type guns and pistols.

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