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In Wake of PA Bridge Collapse, Look Where $4.2 Billion of the Road Repair Fund Was Found


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"When a bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed Friday, Democrats used it as an illustration of why the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan was a great investment in vital roads and bridges.

But behind the scenes for many years, Pennsylvania Democrat leaders siphoned money away from a fund that was supposed to be doing just that.


But according to a 2019 report from WHYY-TV, a Public Broadcasting Service station, Pennsylvania state leaders had dipped into a fund for roads and bridges to the tune of about $4.2 billion over the six previous years.

However, the bridge that collapsed was not on the state’s list for funding, according to Fox Business.

Even though the state had no plan to fix it, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman called the bridge a “vital artery” according to CNN."

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12 hours ago, Mrs.Cicero said:

Sooooo, I 'm not real happy about all the driving in PA I have to do getting my oldest to and from school... It's not like a can avoid driving over some of those rivers...

Here in Pittsburgh you can't go anywhere without crossing a bridge. tom.

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On 1/31/2022 at 5:45 AM, kerbie18 said:

The article oddly says nothing about where exactly the money went...?

Other than something to do with the state police. Doesn't make sense.

I wonder if it was what they used to call Daisy-Chaining. Rob bridges to pay cops. Rob cops to pay fire. Rob fire to pay sewer. Etc etc etc. Somewhere along the line accounting for the money just gets lost as it goes into someone’s pocket. 

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