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My truck got a part in a movie


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well, a very small part, in a very low budget independent film.  As I was only there for a couple hours, and really was only a couple of scenes shot involving the truck (mostly as a background prop) but it's there.  Only got involved because a buddy with his bigger truck let me know they wanted more trucks for it.

The trailer for the movie has most of my involvement in it, skidding the truck to a halt on gravel.  And my truck (with me driving) is the scene that comes up before playing the trailer on the facebook page (at least for me it is)



Have to scroll down a bit to find the trailer NOV 28th 2021 post at about 0:50 in is the scene, or another in the DEC 30 post at 2:18.  I thought the way the tires bounce when locked up on gravel is kind of neat/interesting, as the HMMWV has inboard brakes which allow a bit of wheel movement that you don't see in normal vehicles.  



I don't really know much about the film, but get the impression it's a slightly in the future totalitarian regime persecuting Christians type film.


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