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Alberta Canada Inadvertently Published (and Quickly Deleted) Health Data Exposing that MORE THAN HALF of VACCINATED DEATHS Have Been COUNTED AS UNVACCINATED


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"In yet another absolute bombshell revelation the government of Alberta, Canada exposed itself this week when it accidentally published damning evidence that exposes how the public health authorities have been manipulating the Covid-19 statistics.

After seemingly realizing what it had just done, the corrupt Canadian province quickly scrambled to delete the incriminating data off their website, but, thanks to internet sleuths like Twitter user Metatron – and his substack post, we have the receipts."


"And now, thanks to the now-deleted data, we can tell exactly how many cases have been fraudulently manipulated by inadvertently including the time from dose to infection for each of the events – and as it turns out, over half of the vaccinated deaths were added to the unvaccinated."

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There is a semi-related lesson here:

If you are preparing a report for someone - especially a government or quasi government agency - based upon an instruction manual in PDF on their website, save a copy of that manual to your hard drive. Better yet, also print a hard copy, date stamp the pages, file with your hard copy of the report.

Instructions on line in PDF have been known to change between the time a report is prepared and the time the agency questions some aspect of the report. So referencing said on line instructions will no longer show why you did the item now being questioned the way you did it.

This is all hypothetical of course. 

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