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On Saturday, when I was watching the news on the Texas hostage crisis, the FBI spokesman said something odd.
He stated that the terrorist was holding four Jewish hostages, including a Rabbi.  The hostages were held in a Synagogue on the Jewish Shabbat.
Yet, he said the demands from the subject were "not specifically related to the Jewish community."
Say what?!?!  I had to play that statement over again . . . let's see four Jewish hostages trapped in a Synagogue on the Shabbat.  Nah, no anti-semitism there. 
One day later, the FBI walked back that statement.  Maybe I watch too much Fox News but the earlier statement on Saturday smacks of a "woke FBI" that doesn't want to be accused of (gasp) Islamophobia.
Considering that the Department of Justice is expanding its "domestic terrorism forces" to accommodate parents speaking out at school board meetings, I'm concered.
Am I wrong here?  Just wondering. 
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