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Apparently, The self-heating, snow-melting feature on SpaceX’s Starlink satellite dishes has spawned an unforeseen problem. They are either going to have to turn off the heat, or turn it WAY up. :supergrin:


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5 hours ago, MO Fugga said:

Is that starlink any good? Don't know anyone that has it.

Yea, we still use the Pony Express out here. Got fiber last year after struggling with DSL for decades. It still beat dialup.

Got the introductory offer for the fiber so 400Mbs and land line for $75 a month. Not too not bad, I think. A lot less than what we were paying with a LOT better internet.

If we had to, that or one of the cell service home units would be the Daily Special. AT&T gets 25Mbs (5 times the average on DSL) or better in my house. Verizon, not so hot, but reliable and fills in the holes AT&T leaves in too many places. Not sure how T Mobile shakes out, but Sprint was good at the house in the day.

Starlink seems to be somewhat in the middle of all that. Recon how it does on cloudy days?

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