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As another round of snow hits MN...


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I've been in upper MN and WI in the middle of winter,  in the darkest, most rural areas.  Winding through the woods,  you won't pass a car or see a house for 30 minutes at a time.

When you pass a bar/restaurant, located every 10 miles, there'll be 200 snow mobiles in the parking lot.

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In the parking lot of one of those places, I saw a 4'x8' spray-painted plywood sign that said:

"Don't walk into here if you have a mask or helmet on.  Don't do it.  Last warning."

But I needed, really, that only can be found, in the darkest upper-MI,  pasties, that can only be found, at places,  where greasy snow-mobliers would congregate. 

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And if I've passed 50 miles of woods, Wisconsin,  and I have to go another 50 miles, to work-Wisconsin,  then you realize,  that civilization, might be parse. 

Between here and now.

The Waffle House might be closed. 

So a pasty (get, like ten of them) from some sno-machine magnificent bar/place ,  is the really most magnificent, hot-meat, wrapped in hot-dough, thing, you could ever want.

You could put them under the backseat, at -20°,  for two days,  and they'll still burn your mouth when you eat them.

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I don't know where I got that meat-full of deliciousness (MN?)

But I got this really shitty motel, right on the line.

There was a bridge into Canada,  but it was a footpath wide.  And there was no one there.

So I didn't go into Canada.

I threw rocks at it.  Across the crick.

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And my door kept blowing open, at -20°,  and I put my suitcases in front of it.  So I could live longer.

The room, technically, had heat,  but it was only a steam foil-ribbed strip running across the back wall.

I grabbed it.  It was  a little bit warm.

In Canada.  at -20°.


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