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Dragons, Gods and Fantasies


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Any of you like stuff like this?  I enjoy looking at some of the incredible Fantasy  artwork out there today.  I'll post a few and it there's no interest, I'll just let it die.  There's some Really cool Fantasy and Concept artists out there.


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29 minutes ago, Swampfox762 said:


I'm amused to see one that isn't dressed to kill in a bikini.  (That has always cracked me up - sword fighting and such with as much exposed skin as possible.)

My fave is the first one.


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Anybody see the Original "Dragon Slayer"? 1981  Best Dragon I ever saw...Back in 81.  Anyway, if a couple like it...I'll keep postin when I see somethin.  I really Would have names this thread "Dragons, Gods and Fantasy".

Anything you can do about that Eric.  Don't think I can do that.

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  • Eric changed the title to Dragons, Gods and Fantasies

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