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How to locate a floor receptacle


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I need to add an AC outlet in the floor in my living room. I'd like it to be directly behind my sofa, which is kinda in the middle of the room. However, my furnace is located under the general area. Here's a plan view:


You see the sofa running vertically in the middle of the pic, and the furnace is under there somewhere. I have a rug under the sofa so I need the outlet in the floor just behind the sofa. I guess I can drill a small hole where I want it and the look from the crawlspace and see where it is, maybe by shining a light through it. Any genius tips?


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Drilling and shining a light seems the simplest method, but if you hit a joist then you will need to drill more holes.  

I don't know if a stud finder will work through floors.


If the foundation walls are about the same thickness, you should be able to measure in the living room from the 2 closest walls (or from all 4 walls would be better if you can manage it) and go underneath and check that general area to make sure there isn't any ductwork or electrical wires in that area, before you start drilling.

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