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Let's sue Apple!


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If Apple makes a device that crooks use to track you down and steal from you, Apple is liable, right?

Crooks Use Apple ‘AirTag’ Tracking Devices in Crimes from Stalking to Car Theft

Criminals are continuing to use Apple AirTag tracking devices to track and target victims in crimes ranging from car theft to stalking. One cybersecurity expert commented: “I don’t think there’s any question that Apple’s AirTags are being used for stalking.”

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11 minutes ago, ChuteTheMall said:

Don't buy, install, and program an Air Tag if you don't want it. 

If I live long enough and become senile maybe I'll need one or more.:fred:


If I had a car likely to be followed by car thieves, I'd use the free app which detects trackers.


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1 hour ago, Maser said:

Funny how the same people who are complaining about this are the same people that have their location tracker turned on on their phones and don't even know it. 

Well, I'm complaining about people putting these trackers on other folks' property, and I have all my location stuff turned off, as far as I know, at least. But my main point of this thread is that the people who want to sue firearms manufacturers out of existence because criminals use guns are very quiet about holding Apple responsible for crooks using AirTags. To be clear, I think the folks who should be held responsible are the ones who do the crime, irregardless of what objects they use. ;)

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I guess the Tile, Smart Tag, and other manufacturers could be held accountable as well. Those "tag" trackers are pretty handy, but as with anything can be used for diabolical purposes. I see the pun, and think it hilarious, so why not. I'm sure some Dewy, Chetum, and How associate is working up numbers as we type.

Anyone thinking they have immunity to today's tracking, be it phone, cameras, wifi, or security is living a fantasy.

What a world we have made for ourselves.

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