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prayers needed badly


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last night at 2 am my wifes sisters house exploded , she lives in montoursvile ,PA  ,  lives alone , right now suspected gas leak  her sister is  also hanicapped from bad wreck years ago and lost her husband to covid back earlier this year.  they also cant find her little dog .  the story can be found on wnep  news site .   she walks with arm stilts  and gets around in wheel chair .   sometime i wonder and my faith is tested on how things like this happen .  can anyone tell me how to start a go fund me help  site ? she lost everything but is alive  . very lucky .   alot of prayers also . mail carrier was out on rounds and helped her out of house a true hero .  

my wife might have one set up if so i will post it .  right prayers are the biggest things  . she is staying with  one of her sons   at the moment .  

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if anyone lives in area  and has things to donate , she needs clothes and bare essentials .  contact red cross.  ive hit the trail today and thrift stores to take stuff up ,  little dog buddy is still missing . 

and if cant donate praying is very big ,  right now shes in shock and has been  taken to hospital   ,but will stsy with her oldest son til  things get semi normailized .  thanks for all the prayers .

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Fundraiser by Myers Family : Help For Sheila After House Fire (gofundme.com)    


if you want to help or not  or cant is ok ,  just saying some prayers  helps ,  but if you got a place to post the fund page i aprreciate it .  as stated  nothing expected  

so no worries , prayers i always found to be so help worthy , i just dont get online hardly at all since retiring  but i got upcoming hip and knee replacement  this year planned . farming i love   and i went from few hours every night to an hour a week maybe , and now we spending summers at beach house and i never get on line there .  

never had a public job  and farming once was so much better then now  it just took a toll on my body all these years .  tc

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