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Sandra Bullock

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20 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

I wonder if her face would break if she actually cracked a smile. The roles she plays are always so depressing. Even the ones that are supposed to be funny.

Probably had so much botox injected into her face she CAN'T smile anymore.

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She's been in a couple of stinkers, but overall I've enjoyed most of her movies, she's a lot prettier than me, and she isn't currently campaigning to take away my rights as far as I know, so in the big scheme I think she's coming out on the plus side. 

- who she marries is her affair. She ain't made comments on my choices.

- tats and facelifts ain't something that affect me (and as ugly as I am I got no right to comment)

- adopting colored kids gives 'em a good chance in life, don't it? Ain't that a good thing? 

Let's talk about chainsaws. ;)

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