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“It’s the most wonderful time of year…”


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Normally, yes, it is the best part of the year. People are a little more friendly, considerate, and cheerful. Winter hasn't set in and got them grumpy. Outside activities with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, along with Hanukah for our Jewish friends keep folks busy and upbeat. 

I love Spring. Hunting seasons in Fall. and even Summer has it's merits, but yes, normally this is a good time for folks. Normally being the operative word. Around here, it is pretty normal, some folks don't have that luxury, and even worse, near half the folks don't want it.

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A thing I read:

While filming A Christmas Story,  there was no snow.

They rented a ski-slope snow machine for the backyard scene.  They let it run overnight.  The director said it wasn't good enough.  They let it run another night.  The director still didn't like it.

So they got more and bigger ones,  turned them to super-maximum, and the film crew went out drinking.  Drank too much, all night,   slept in the next day,  and when they showed up,  there was WAY too much snow and ice.  The director liked it.

So when you watch the movie,  look passed the backyard.  The whole neighborhood is brown and dry, with zero snow.

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21 hours ago, Valmet said:

It can be. Here in Virginia it’s kinda hard to get in the Xmas spirit when it’s 70-degrees outside in late December though. 

Many years ago, on business at the Naval Post Graduate School I witnessed a picture that was incongruous to me

A couple of days before Christmas I was sitting the dining room of the Hayatt in Monterrey, CA looking out the large window overlooking the Golf course.  It was dark out and they had flood lights lighting up a wire frame Santa Clause in his sleigh with a few reindeer pulling it and a large sack in it.

The grass of the golf course was green, and it was close to 70 degrees out.

I could not convince myself that it was near Christmas when the scene I was seeing was Summer in my book.

I didn't understand how you could celebrate Christmas without snow.  It just wasn't right!

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