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For the kung flu veterans


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A question, for those that lost taste/smell. Was a complete loss of taste? I and my wife can still taste sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, but that is all. Oh and Heat like flavor heat. Nothing else. I put my face over a pestle with crushed garlic, nothing. I still use Frank’s Red Hot, just get a little sour/bitter and heat. My cornholio still registers heat though, :sad:


Still have an occasional cough that’s still dry and annoying. My balance is crap, but it was crap BKF so I can’t blade it on that, even though I will anyway.


What kind of residual effects are y’all veterans of this crap having?

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Yeah.  I definitely had it in very early '20.  Feb or March.

The worst hack-dying dry-cough I ever had. Death breathing.

It was immediately before it was a big news-deal.  It was IN the news, but that's all.

Two weeks later,  the whole country went berserk.

I was working in Vegas,  and there was no-way-in-hell I was going to the hospital,  in the middle of the night.  In Vegas.  Yeah, right.

The weekend before,  my throat was scratchy and coughy.

On Monday,  on the plane,  I was worse.

On Tuesday, at work,  hacking big.

I actually took my temperature. Like, nothing.

Wednesday,  death-dying-severe-hack-dry-cough.  The non-breathing kind.

So I kept going to work.

Got home on Friday,  went to bed.  Felt better on Saturday.  By Monday,  I felt fine.  Good, actually

I do think I remember totally losing taste,  even though it wasn't even a thing yet.

So then I got over it.

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3 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

I've never put my face over a pestle of with crushed garlic.

Why would you even do that?

A lot of things, I've done, but not that.

So if you haven’t done it, it shouldn’t be done? Some people like to eat garlic, especially when they are sick. But, now since we have learned you don’t, the practice should be abolished immediately. As for putting hot sauce directly on the cornholio, no one does that, you just have special reading skills :upeyes:

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In the 70's,  while we were wearing our Brady Bunch fashion clothes, Mom initiated Fondu upon us.

Which is really good.  Hard bread,  with a long Sears-catalog stick,  with a psychedelic handle,  dipped in Brady Bunch cheese!

That's why we crushed garlic.  To boil it in the cheese-pot!

And don't drip it,  on your 1' and a half' foot wide Brady collar.

Or you get chastised.

Like, Jan.

Don't be Jan.

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It won't end well.

With a cat in the house.

Not my old cat.  The daughter's cat.

Which is not a bad cat,  but the old fat-cat would snuggle,  with 20lbs of cat upon your feet in bed. 

This little gray cat will just rip the ever-lovin right out of your wrists and hands.  Not playing,  deep blood.  Right after I fed the prick.

I shoot her with rubber bands, now.

But she keeps coming around.

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It was an absolute loss of smell, and I could only taste the slightest bit of sweetness (no matter how sweet whatever I was eating or drinking was).  I couldn't taste salty, bitter, sour at all.  No umami.  Nothing.  It lasted a month, and then most of the tastes and smells slowly came back over the next several weeks.   I kept sniffing my spice jars to see if I could smell anything.  It made cooking a lot less fun for awhile.    There are a couple spices that still don't smell like they used to to me (ginger and cinnamon among them) but mostly they are back to normal.  

As for the 'rona itself, I had it at the beginning of April 2020.  It was one day of being wiped out and feeling like the flu was coming on - I just stayed in bed all day, followed by an obnoxious head cold for two weeks.  On Day 4, my husband handed me my usual cup of tea in the morning and I drank a sip and asked him why he was giving me hot water - I couldn't taste or smell it at all - and he said, "Uh, yeah, there's tea in it, and you should probably go get tested."  So I went in for a test the next day and of course it was positive.  April 11, my youngest daughter couldn't taste or smell anything either.  Same head cold.  Her sense of taste and smell took over 6 months to return.  She was QUITE annoyed that she couldn't smell her favorite hand lotion.  Not what would have bothered me, but ok...

Edited to add - none of ever had a cough, and only two of us had the head cold and loos of taste/smell.

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Wife and I had it. 

Her taste came back after eating a couple cloves a day of garlic for three days. Smell took a little longer.

I never totally lost my taste or smell, just down to about twenty percent of normal. I tried the garlic, and I think it helped, but not sure, I gave up after a week. Mine was all back in about six weeks.

My BIL tried the garlic cloves and reported it working in less than a week. He has co-workers that are going on six months and don't have taste or smell back yet.

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