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I feel so good. No pain.

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Lower back issues. Some from arthritis in my spine, some from a torn disc. But the worst is my sacro joint. Especially the right one. But a few times (not enough) a year I will wake up with little to no pain. It will last 2-3 days, then come back again. I don't realize just how bad the pain actually is until it's gone. Today is one of those days. I feel 20 years younger. Full of energy and smiles. I wish every day could be like this. I woke up at 3 am and noticed immediately that the pain was mostly gone. I could still feel a bit of pain in my left side, but the right is always far worse. Like to the point that every day I get dressed while still laying on the bed. socks and pants or pajamas. Can't do it sitting up. Just can't. Today was a good day. Back in August I had injections in both sacro joints. What a relief. Some pain has come back, but still nowhere close to what it was. I just wish every day could be like today. Maybe after those joints get fused.

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1 hour ago, holyjohnson said:

i don't remember a day without pain.

i earned every one of them.


Glad to hear your feeling good!

Some pains are good, some annoying, some show stopping.

When it becomes life altering, it is some real stuff.

Living with some of it every day is quite the change of life. fortunately I can still do what I want, for the most part, just not for very long. Not breathing well takes a toll, not wanting to breathe at times really makes for some sport.

Hang in there Walt. When are you scheduled for surgery? Sounds like it can't come soon enough and hopefully it is successful.

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Still feeling good today. Sadly, from past experience I know the relief will be short lived. I wish I knew what caused the relief to happen a couple times a year. Last time was in June for a couple days. I think the sacro must get lined up exactly right. Otherwise it's like bone grinding on bone.

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Had lower-back problems my whole life (bulged disc).  The first time was when building a dirt-bike bridge with railroad ties. 

Many unable-to-walk episodes.  Always got drugs for a week,  and went on my merry way.

In my mid-30s,  the bulge went blammo (Doc: "Who set off an M-80 in your back?") 

Every time I ever hurt my back,  they'd always ask if I felt lightning shoot down my legs.  Nope.

That time,  I got the Lightning.  The Zeus kind.  I instantly knew it was game over.

I lucked into one of the country's most regarded surgeons and never really ever had any problems since.  But, of course, I also never did anything outrageous with my back again.  Lesson learned. ("Here! Help me pick this up!"   "Nope.")

I lost a lot of feeling in my calf and foot.  Dead-numb.  It'll never come back.


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