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Mrs Glockrunner

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8 hours ago, Mrs Glockrunner said:

The discussion at the end rings a bell for me.

My wife frequently asks me why I buy gifts for her all the time. Why I take her out to eat all the time. Why I kid her in public so much so others can hear.

I tell her that I love to see her face light up with an unexpected gift.  To me she is like a child at Christmas time opening the package.  I don't spend a lot of money on the typical gift, I just want her to know how much and how often I am thinking of her.

I tell her that I take her out to eat all the time because I am so happy with her, and I want others to know how much fun and beautiful she is.  She gets to wear the jewelry and clothes I gift to her.

I also talk loudly so other can hear me berate myself and tell her how much better she would be with practically anyone else.  She calls me an ******* sometimes because she is offended that I would suggest someone else for her. I eat this up.  I tell her that my greatest fear is losing her or having her forget me.......

I kid her in public to get her peeved enough to say her mind to me.  I then laugh and tell her I love her or sometimes just softly sing love songs to her, just for her.  To me, love songs are poetry that say what I don't know how to say.

 My ulterior motive is to have other women see how I treat her and how much I care for her, with my selfish wish that they might want to be her, to have someone invest so much time and effort to show their love. 

I want other women to be jealous of her.  I want her to feel like she won the lottery with me.  I want her to be able to tell me any "Cotton Picken thing she feels" knowing I can't get upset with her.

I have had one woman lean over to my wife in the grocery store and tell her that she wished she could talk to her husband the way my wife talks to me.  

I guess I'm a terrible person for wanting her to be so happy with me and feel for me the way I do for her, all the while making others jealous of her.  I'm insecure and need constant reminding that she is mine.

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