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Eye-Opening Photos Of Mayfield Tornado Aftermath


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It’s hard to put a tragedy into words, but pictures have much more power, and

this man pulled it off with his now viral photos, Shawn Triplett, a resident of Mayfield.











Shawn’s home was a few miles away from the affected area, and both he and his family are safe. But he’s not sitting idle. Soon after his pictures hit the airwaves, he also launched a tornado relief initiative for the kids of affected families, something positive in an otherwise very horrible situation with Christmas around the corner.

It first started as a post on Reddit, which led to one of several posts on Facebook that led to a full-blown GoFundMe.

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Prayers for all those affected by this disaster. Rebuilding is going to be huge task.


When I build my next house I had already taken flood and fire safety into account. Now I'm factoring in a much higher wind rating, although it turns out that my designs were good to ~175mph wind already. I can upgrade a few key areas and reach 225mph. Getting another 25mph wind rating for 250mph is actually pretty hard. 

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2 hours ago, Historian said:

Have mercy.   At night time with almost no warning.

That's how it got us. Then again, where you gonna go? No mention of tornadoes. Just took shingles paint, the garage door, and our shed outside. Pretty well left the contents in place. or a few feet from the foundation. Found it about a mile down the road wadded into a metal ball. Just glad it wasn't in someone's living room, or worse, their bedroom.We were very blessed there wasn't more damage.  Pretty impressive.

Never touched the power lines between us and the road 25 feet from the house. we could see the path through the pasture and into the houses behind us. They do strange things.

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2 minutes ago, Batesmotel said:

I lived in tornado areas and have seen the aftermath of a couple. We get them here but vary seldom and usually small. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the power of wind. Prayers for the entire area. They are in for a long haul with that much damage. 

Yeah, the wind power is past the upper end of the strongest hurricanes.

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