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My new Neighbor

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A 7 acre slice of Heaven I bought a week ago. On the highway bordering the Park. Bishop Creek across the road has runs of salmon in the summer, trout all year. Stormy Lake a 1/2 mile away with swim beach, picnic areas, boat launch, full of Trout and Dolly Vardon. Bishop Creek Wayside picnic area is almost across the road and has a trail to the beach of Cook Inlet. In the spring this will transform into a lush green landscape. BTW, I took my first archery bull moose right here back about 1984/5. It's only 7 miles from my house. I'm thinking of clearing a site this summer and parking my toy hauler on it. The gate is on a gravel road the borders one side of the parcel at the Park boundary. The other cleared road is on the back of the parcel providing electricity. It's triangle shaped. I know it doesn't look like much right now, but in the summer..............Heaven.






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35 minutes ago, jfost11 said:

Land that doesn't look like much sounds more like heaven to me with each swipe of "progress" and development that comes.

My son and I have 15 acres on up the road past the Park. One parcel is on the bluff overlooking Cook Inlet with a 750 sq ft cabin. The other 2 parcels are next to each other 5 acres each and both have cabins that we use. We were just out there yesterday cutting firewood. You can see my 2 bedroom 480 sq ft cabin in the background.


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