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Salute to Veterans

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One of the B-17's my uncle flew in during WW2. He flew out of Amendola Air Base in Italy. 15th Air Force, 2nd Bombardment Group, 429th Squadron. Notice the replaced parts on this plane. It's seen a few missions already. My uncle was on at least 2 where they were badly shot up with KIA and wounded on board. Lucky to make it back several times. His very first mission he saw his best friend KIA next to him. He flew on 6 or 7 different planes and with 3 different crews. Not all missions were with your crew. You got sent to take someone's place on another crew. Your plane was not mission ready all the time. On one mission another crew was shot down in the plane he normally flew in.

Uncle Jim's B-17.jpg

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My dad was in the Army Air Force in WW2 although he entered late enough in the war that he didn't see action. My son served in the Army in Somalia and was one of the last Americans to leave our base in Mogadishu. My grandson did 5 years in the Marines as an Embassy Security Guard in Bratislava, Islamabad, and Georgetown, Guyana.

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27 minutes ago, crockett said:

A neighbor placed one in my yard as well. The silent alarm went off when she walked onto my property and cams started recording.

A big thank you to all who served and still serve America!





It’s a far cry from when many of us served. 

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2 minutes ago, aomagrat said:

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Aft SASS Special Weapons Maintenance Team 1984 Westpac. My first overseas deployment. I'm still in contact with a lot of these guys. I'm the one in the front row with the Buddy Holly glasses. I miss my hair.



Thanks for your service Sir!!!:patriot:

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7 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

The longest held Marine POW in Vietnam was a guy from out little logging town on the coast of Wa. Over 2500 days a captive. I can't even imagine. Sgt Richard G Burgess.

God Bless Him.  Our family was friends with "Dick Stratton"..."The Beak" when we were stationed in Offutt AFB in 1965.  He was in the "Hilton 2,251 Days.

God Bless ALL of our Vets. 


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