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1 hour ago, gwalchmai said:

I bet she'd whip Stacy Abrams' ass in a fight. And that's a lot of ass to whip.

I just hear her victory speech.  Her dad came to the US with $1.75 in his pocket.

She's lived an amazing life.  If she leads the state as well as she speaks...Virginia hold on.  You got an amazing Lt. Gov.

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Unless the Republicans immediately move to reestablish firearms law preemption at the state level, rescind all the new restrictions Northam put into place,  and reaffirm individual liberty, this is a speedbump on the road to leftist tyranny.  In 4 years, with a better candidate than the Punk, the Dims will resume their long march.


Somehow, they never manage to fight hard enough to reclaim lost liberties, no matter what they promise.

Still, this is a great rebuke of the Dims agenda,  boding well for 2024.  Congratulations,  Virginia. 

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44 minutes ago, Rellik said:

Liberal tears.  A blue state flipped.  Positive foreboding for the future.

Another blk conservative voted in with sears as lt gov. 

Last i heard the Virginia house is now split 50/50 and all three senior positions of Gov, Lt Gov, and AG flipped Republican.

Good times for VA.

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2 hours ago, jfost11 said:

I'm still pinching myself. Not sure if it will last for the next election but it's good to see its still possible.

Oh, I think there have been major changes.   The gov. of Florida has started a law enforcement office of election integrity.

About darn time.   FDLE already had a role in determining eligibility of a voter (felon or not).   My guess is he's expanding this office and looking to root out election fraud.


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