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Who’s watching Dune?


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3 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

That looks good. The Lynch version has grown on me over the years, like a fungus, but this may be closer to the book. Whether it can get me into a theater is a good question...

Thanks for the heads up. 


Are you taking your MK III Gerber?  It hasn't been outta the house in a while! 

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3 hours ago, Fnfalman said:

Too bad they couldn’t work Captain Picard in this version as he was in the other version too. 

Insert puke smilies.  Several.  Making a mistake in one movie does not justify a repeat.  I picture Bud Spence from the Trinity Spaghetti westerns.  After he's healed from taking 100 lashes with a cat o'nine, in the face. 

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I'm going to see it at the IMAX.  

I read the book in high school.  I saw the first movie and thought it was not horrible for what it was, but not great, either. (I recognized there was no way to put that book into one two-hour movie).  At least this one is only attempting to tell the first half of the story.  I just want to make sure they include my favorite quote from the book...

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