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Two Children ‘Accidentally’ Given COVID-19 Vaccines At Walgreens, BOTH Now Suffering From ‘Heart Issues’


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"A family in Evansville, Indiana went to a local Walgreens to have each member, including two young children, receive a flu shot. During the appointment, all members of the party including the two children were “accidentally” given full adult does of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, according to the family’s lawyer. The children, four and five years old, were born in 2016 and 2017, as revealed by the vaccination cards provided to the family by Walgreens."


"“The family said they left the pharmacy thinking they had received their flu shots, but a Walgreens employee later called them and said they had made a mistake. The attorney said the cards were then issued since the coronavirus vaccine had been given.” (READ MORE: BREAKING: FDA Adds Warning About Myocarditis, Pericarditis Heart Inflammation To Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines)"

Amended to include the following sources.





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1 hour ago, pipedreams said:


Did you read your linked 2nd article?

Here what they claim: "This comes after 300 million Americans have gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 as of June 11, according to the CDC."

300 million VACCINATED in the US, 3 months ago? Yeah, right.


CNN and most other big outlets are liberal propaganda, but blindly sharing those unknown little website is often not much better. Don't make the mistake to take everything that is not a well known outlet at face value. Many of those websites are run by 1 or a handful of people with questionable background. The misinformation is happening on both ends and its often not easy to find the mistakes or lies, but when they can't even get simple facts straight, its not worth reading, let alone sharing. It only adds to the divide and hate. Nothing will be resolved with divide and hate, and the federal state has us exactly where they want us. So why keep digging in this hole? Makes zero sense.

I think some of you are literally addicted to the negativity. That's a lose:lose combo.

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