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WSJT-X dropping connections


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Ok, so this problem had been causing me issues for about a MONTH and it was driving me up a wall.  For about three years I could run FT8 without a problem from 6 meters to 180.  Groovey.   I made DXCC and WAS this way.  Mixed i used some voice as well.

Did two things.  Grounded the PC that I was using and replaced the USB cable with a 3ft. cable.  The previous one was about six ft. long.  In the process of putting in the 3ft cable I made about eight turns in the wire.  The USB cable already had ferrite cores on both ends.  I also moved the external USB sound card...under the desk.

And I've been operating on 15 and 10 without any problems for two hours.

I have not been able to find a reason online as to what is the cause of this problem.  Dropped connection.   Anyway.  I made a wild guess and think it's gone now.

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