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Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes (D) supporter of euthanasia & castration & sterilization of Blacks


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The commies were strong back then also.


Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes (D) supporter of euthanasia & castration & sterilization of Blacks from 1906 till 1937 when the heat was too much for him to bare with his Protégé & Stalin's inside man in the White House code name 'Ales' during the FDR & Truman administration. Appointed by Truman to be the Architect of the U.N., Alger Hiss (D) with Soviet Ambassador Molotov & twice Democrat Presidential candidate Communist Adelia Stevenson Built That.

In 1949 the Department of Justice Prosecutors convened a Grand Jury who charge Hiss with lying to the FBI but said that the Mountain of evidence the FBI gathered from 1938 to 1942 for his Treason couldn't be considered because the Statute of Limitations had ran out. WTF? There is No Statute of Limitations for Tax Evasion, Murder or Treason and the Mountain of evidence against Hiss from 1943 to 1949 is still to this day 'Eyes Only' Classified by Truman like The Venona Project was that identified without a doubt of 380 Soviet Agents in our Government & Military in 1944..

Why are 190+ Traitors & Hiss's complete file still Classified? In 1999 when Patrick Moyinhan's (D) Government Secrecy Committee, co-chaired by John Podesta at Bill Clintons request, was forced to do something, so they declassified 190 names of the long dead & not so well known but said the other 190+ had to remain Classified to avoid "Liability"? Come On Man, you can't sue the U.S. Government for being an identified Communist Spy..

Uncle Ronnie bought The Friends of the KGB Files that went from the 1920's to 1988 & defected KGB Agents testified to the Facts in 1998-99, but revealing all the 'Enemies Within' would wipe out 80% of the Democrats in Congress & Hillary & Bill of course..

To protect the Hybrid Nazi Communist Democrat & Rino's is nothing new in the Department of Justice & D.C., Hiss served some time for lying to the FBI then 'Just Like That' became a College Professor when his crimes were much more serious than the Rosenberg's & he should have been fried with them..

So you see you should have Fear, but not over some made up Flu Pandemic..
If we kill the true Virus, the other crap is just that, Crap..

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