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TWD - The final season!

Huaco Kid

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Gotta admit, it's time to end it.  There are now 2 other shows of the same thing, and the spin offs coming.

The Zombie craze had a good run, now it's time for it to die (again). 

I'm losing track of who's who and what's what pretty bad.  I hate the way Michonne left too.

About the only story line of interest is Maggie and Negan.   How long will it take until  Woodbury 2.0 blows up?  2 episodes at most.

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It was the 1/3 Final Season Finale!

(somehow,  the final season is split into three seasons.  i guess it's what they do now.)


They are all still wandering around!

That's how great the writing is.

Negan admitted to Maggie that his biggest regret was not killing all of them,  the first time he saw them.  He's all about "honesty" now.

Darryl killed the psycho-leader of the killer-group.  So there's that.



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