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RIP Norm McDonald


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I spent the last couple days watching clips of him. He was one of a kind. The moth joke for instance. It could have been done in 30 seconds, tops. The punch line was visible from a mile away. After 3 minutes, you have no idea where it's going, or if he's off some medication. Then, BAM. Right where you thought it was going in the beginning and you didn't even see it coming.

His interview with Letterman after he was fired from Weekend Update was gold. Also his last bit on Letterman when Dave had an endpoint for the show. He was getting choked up at the end. It was sweet, classy, and heartfelt. 

I was a kid when I started watching SNL and Dennis Miller was doing Weekend Update at the time. I didn't really have any interest in it but, then Norm took over. I can't say why but I always looked forward to seeing it with him. That's probably why his passing makes me pause more than most celebrities. One more piece of my childhood gone to the hereafter.  

If you know what he said about cancer you'll get this. After a 9 year battle with cancer, he fought it to a draw. RIP Norm.

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On 9/17/2021 at 4:57 AM, Huaco Kid said:

He was great in The Middle.

"I need to store this furniture in your garage."

"Where'd you get all this?"

"I won it in a card game."

"You won a yard full of furniture in a card game?"

"No. I won money,"


"He didn't pay me."

"So you stole his furniture??"

"No. I won it."

I forgot all about him being on that.

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