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And now, VERIZON. Veee vill deconstr (rolled "R") uct your intersectional identities..


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Oh boy! Time to DUMP any VERIZON stock? DO ANY of these people have a clue?


Oh yeah and, lets deconstruct YOU by your RACE, SEX, Sexual "identy", religious beliefs your cultural background to find out you position on the PRIVELEDGED hierarchy?


Verizon diversity trainers instruct employees to deconstruct their intersectional identities, listing their “race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, education, profession, and sexual orientation," then determining their position on the "privilege" hierarchy.


If a specific law or practice discriminates, no matter what the composition of a particular, multi-faceted human being, why isn't someone yelling? Is being a WHITE-STRAIGHT-MALE now considered an ORIGINAL SIN?! 






Oh and, don't get me started about James Madison University....

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