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Any Afghan Migrants Who Reach America or Europe are Undeportable


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"The UN High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that 30,000 Afghans a week are fleeing their country. However a report in The Guardian states that “30,000 Afghan citizens have left the country each day for the past 10 days”. That would approach a third of a million migrants.

While a small minority can be seen trying to board American aircraft at Kabul airport, the vast majority are moving on foot through Pakistan and Iran. The Shiite terror state is a particularly ideal gateway destination because it allows them easy access to Turkey and then to Europe.

And because Iran, unlike Pakistan, has done little to fortify its border with Afghanistan, Iranian authorities profit from Afghanistan’s lucrative drug trade and allowing Afghan migrants access to Europe undermines its enemies in the European Union under the guise of humanitarian aid."


"The refugee crisis is a trojan horse of political opportunities for the Pakistani, Iranian, Turkish, and other Islamist allies of the Taliban to finance terrorists and undermine western nations.

Maintaining a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will lead to a flow of foreign aid to the Taliban.

The collapse of Afghanistan is one disaster. An Afghan refugee surge would be a second disaster. We can survive the collapse of Afghanistan, we can’t survive the collapse of America."

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we allow 'Refugee Status' for the Exact reason those people are being hunted and Murdered, but they are actually not being Brought to the US, yet anyway.


i wish those Poor people the Best, We let them down and Stole the Hope we Promised them, and did it in a Cowardly and Most dishonorable way.

those people are completely Justified in fighting for the Status we Legally give.

question i have is who is doing the Vetting.

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