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More proof the media sucks.


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So we have had a wildfire just east of the city. Media reports 3000-4000 acres and totally out of control. Fire officer reported 461 acres and 20% contained. We had a hot south wind. If it had been a north wind this could have been real bad. 

Then last night it started to rain. We live in the high desert. Heavy rain is a rare and welcome thing. This storm will probably run 2 1/2 days. 

So the media is now screaming about how the rain is.......

#1 Causing firefighters difficulty in getting to the blaze. (Firefighters pulled back to let the rain do the work. 

#2 Endangering people returning to the area. (Fire officials canceled the evacuation order because the rain put the fire out)

#3 Imminent danger of landslides because of the burn scar. (Officials have not made that announcement but this might be an issue next spring after winter snow soaks the ground)

Or they could have reported that the rain put the fire out, 3000 homes are no longer in danger and residential can now go home. But noooooo. Must report doom and gloom. 

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  • Batesmotel changed the title to More proof the media sucks.

I have started just laughing at the the contortions they perform to make a story sound a certain way. It really is comedy gold if you factor in them taking themselves even a little bit seriously. I mean, do they ever just sit down and watch a tape and think "How did that make us look"?:uglylol:

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