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Is there a full moon? Tonight at The emergency room.


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So, I'm standing perimeter guard at the emergency room while my wife sits with my daughter who is waiting to be seen. There are 45 people in this waiting room and six ambulances outside. No joke! When we got here, there were six cop cars, three of them state troopers. One state trooper was in a wheelchair with an puke pan in his lap, two people lying on benches covered up, three people in wheelchairs, half a dozen kids, one guy holding a bloody bandage on the left side of his neck and somebody just puked over in the corner. 

After my daughter was checked in, I asked if we could wait out in the car. The screener replied, "... No, you have to wait in this room but, because of covid only one of you can remain with the patient. 

It's 2021 and restaurants have been using plastic pager pucks for 20 years! You would think that all of the ambulatory patients would be allowed to sit out in their vehicles instead of crowding 40 people with unknown ailments in the same room with each other? I just finished my coffee run for the wife. 

Daughter has already received her blood work so now it is the waiting game. 



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So, at 3:00 a.m., we all got to learn the Fun Facts about infectious mononucleosis. She's going to be okay. Lots of rest, plenty of fluids. Never knew that this virus takes 4 to 6 weeks to show symptoms.  The whole time, you are contagious. That's why it is still around and is so insidious. Symptoms usually last two to three weeks while your body builds up immunity. It is only passed through saliva, sharing of utensils, bottles of beer, soft drinks, etc.  You are still contagious up to 6 weeks after you show initial symptoms. Yes, I had opportunity for lots of reading last night.  

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